BM1S High Speed Tissue Grinder

Economic High Speed Single Tube Tissue Grinder

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BM1S single  tube, high-speed tissue grinder, is especially designed for small & non-commercial laboratories.  Compared to other ACTTR large commercial grinder models, it's easier for the budget of a general laboratory by an affordable price. It is suitable for using in biology, medicine, plant, food laboratories. By putting the grinding ball into the tube, the machine will drive the grinding ball to crash the sample. Compared with the blade mill, it is more suitable for those who need fine grinding samples in biological, medical experiments.

It is small, affordable, but the specification & design are similar to large commercial models. Users can set up the speed (as it is strength), and has a timer function. Set the speed range from 2000rpm to 4500 rpm high speed, there are  total of six speed  levels (each 500rpm); and timer from 1 to 60 seconds.  In addition, it has a cover to detecting device and a over current protection fuse. It protects you to complete the experiment under the most safe protection.

Simple and intuitive design, without any training to get started. The grinding ball (recommended 1mm - 6mm size of the grinding ball) and the sample into the centrifuge tube, insert the stainless steel tube, lock the two sides of the screw cap, cover the machine cover, you can start the pulverizer. The organization will be crushed in seconds.


Cell, organ tissue grinding, DNA / RNA extraction, biomedicine, biochemistry, agriculture, chemistry, teaching laboratory, organization laboratory, and other industries have a wide range of applications.

Order Information

BM1S High Speed Single Tube Tissue Grinder

[Speed Range]: 2000 to 4600 rpm
[Centrifuge Tube]: 1.5 / 2mL with a lid centrifuge tube
[Display]: digital
[Timer]: 60 seconds (set by every 5 seconds)
[Safety]: Upper Cover Detector, Over current fuse
[Power]: AC 110V 50 / 60HZ
[Power cord length]: 1.8M
[Weight]: 5kg
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