AMM-140D Automatic Mortar Grinder

Automatic mortar grinder

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GTIN: ANM-2000
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AS ONE AMM-140D automatic mortar mill it is the sample in a mortar, and then the sample is automatically ground slowly. AMM-140D provides different materials of pestle, includes porcelain, alumina and agate etc. AMM-140D can replace the current works in the laboratories, hospitals, pharmacy, medical industries, all the hand-made works, and reduce the occupational injuries.


  • Then use the sample in a mortar pestle automatic way slowly grind the sample
  • Suitable for grinding all types of samples, sample recovery grind higher.
  • System design compact, small


Superhard materials (diamond grinding wheel abrasive powder), electronic materials (semiconductor powder, polysilicon powder), resin materials, food materials (coffee powder, spice powder), pharmaceutical, chemical material (iodine powder)

Ordering Information

AMM-140D automatic mortar grinder

[Power]: AC100V 50/60Hz
[Power Consumption]: 46/41W
[Rotating]: Pestle 100/120 rpm; Bowl 6/7 rpm
[Dimension]: 210×350×600 ~775mm
[Weight]: 16kg
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