VP706F High Horsepower Stirrer

High Horsepower Magnetic Stirrer 50L Sample Is Possible

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VP706F is a high-power magnetic stirrer. The general magnetic stirrer only stirs up to 10-20 liters of sample. VP706F is able to handle large amount of samples to 50 liter, the large capacity containers. Because of its high-powered stirring capacity, a number of samples with higher viscosity, such as industrial oil, edible oil, mineral oil, vegetable oil, honey, VP706F is capable.


  • 50 liter sample acceptable
  • Handle higher viscous samples
  • A variety of special stir bars can be used with, and fit to a special container
  • 16.5 cm longest rotor available


Food, oil, sticky additives, gel, not because of contamination stirring, stirring process do not want contact with the air sample.

Ordering Information

VP706F high-powered electromagnetic stirrer

[Top Plate]: 33 cm x 33cm
[Drive Magnet]: 3 inch
[Speed]: 500 RPM
[Speed Control]: Adjustable, LED Display for RPM
[Power]: 220V, 60Hz
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