High Temperature Fast Crucibles Incinerator

Dual-Funictional Drying/Pre-heating & Ashing

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Product Introduction

This high-temperature rapid incinerator is specific designed for crucibles heating, up to 900°C continuously, maximum to 950°C. It can be used for drying/pre-heating or ashing the samples in the crucibles.

Upper and lower two-layer crucible holder, dual-purpose design

The machine adopts the design of upper and lower two layers. The upper layer has 8 crucible holders with 34mm diameter holes, which can accommodate crucibles with diameters from 35mm to 50mm. The hoders have a distance to the heater, which avoids reduce the fluid substances to ashes. This design is convinent for drying, pre-heating or fuming-off the samples.

The heater on the lower layer adopts a V-shaped design in order to increase the heating area of crucibles, so that the temperature of the sample inside the crucibles can be closer to 1000°C (The digital model can display up to 999°C). The tiled placed crucibles makes it easier to observe when you open the front door.

Open Heating Area in Lower Layer

The lower heating area has a width of 400mm and an open design, which makes it easier to operate and provides more freedom for you to use it as you like.

High-power Heater with Timer Control

In addition, the high-power heater of up to 2500W can provide rapid heating requirements, and the heating time of 120 minutes can be set through a timer.


  • Dual-purpose design can drying/pre-heating or ashing the samples at high temperature
  • 8 crucible holders on the upper layer
  • 2500W high power heater
  • The width of the machine is only 45 cm, which can be placed on a general table in the laboratory.

Ordering Information

SV-R Standard Analog Crucibles Incinerator

SV-D Digital Controlled Crucibles Incinerator

[Upper Layer]: 8 crucible holders, Φ34, for drying purpose
[Lower Layer]: 40cm wide V-shaped heating space
[Max.Temperature]: 950°C
[Heater Power]: 2500W
[Power Supply]: 220 - 230V, 50 - 60Hz
[Dimensions]: 450 mm (W) x 180 mm (D) x 310 mm (H)
[Weight]: 8 Kg
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