Fluid Sorption Analyzer

Material adsorption / absorption is the study of fluids (eg, gas, liquid, paste, vapor) that attach to liquid materials (absorption) or solid material surfaces (adsorption). Material adsorption / absorption discuss the relationship among temperature, pressure, adsorption, absorption saturation, and obtain correlation via the overall volume or weight data.

The related tests covers a wide areas in industrial applications. For example,The areas of industrial application are very diverse. In pressure swing adsorption plants, for example, adsorption processes are used to generate biogas purification or nitrogen. The food industry applies CO2 adsorption to process foods. Water vapor sorption is of particular interest to the pharmaceutical industry as it is applied to optimize medication storage and production conditions based on the humidity absorption of the material.. In the field of semiconductors, it is possible to understand the tolerance of products and components under severe temperature and humidity (water vapor) through adsorption tests. For example, the influence of water vapor infiltration and water vapor on the reliability of semiconductor packaging (popcorn effect, open circuit caused by corrosion in dynamic metallization area, short circuit), and packaging material characteristics (DA Epoxy, lead frame material, sealing resin); PCB failure , the cause of Blister, crack, SR de-lamination, or its resistance to moisture under certain temperature and pressure conditions.

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