Desktop Induction Heating Furnace

High Speed Metal Melting, Graphite Crucible Heating

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Induction heating is the fastest and most efficient way to heat up and melt metal materials, or other conductive materials. Electromagnetic fields generates eddy currents, which flows through the resistance of the conductive material. The internal resistance of the material produces high energy, which is strong enough to melt metals or conductive samples.

MINIMU desktop high frequency induction melting furnace is a small scale furnace, specially designed for smelting test and high temperature heating test in the laboratory. It is heated at 410 Hz and the power is up to 2800W. MINIMU can quickly heat and melt the sample. For example, a 50g iron can be melted in 2 minutes. MINIMU's power adjustment knob (scale display 1 to 6) allows manual adjustment of output power. It uses an external cooling circulating water to cool the crucible table & stand. The temperature measure can be read via a radiation thermometer (optional), and is capable to heat the sample under vacuum or gas purge conditions. Different from the common high temperature tubular furnace, the energy of the high-frequency induction melting furnace can be directly and uniformly applied onto the metal (or a conductive graphite crucible), and the machine itself has no heating element, and the temperature is more concentrated on the sample. Moreover, the cost of consumables is cheaper than tubular furnaces, and easy maintenance.

The heating space of MINIMU is equipped with a transparent quartz tube with a flange joint above the tube and connected to a head. The head is combined with a pressure gauge, a gas vent valve, and a cover (with a seal ring and lock). After opening the upper cover, the crucible and the sample can be placed onto the platform at the lower part of the quartz tube. Up the platform, the induction heating from the external coil will be applied onto the metal sample or the graphite crucible.

Below the quartz tube, a tube base with vacuum valve, atmosphere valve, and a safety relief valve which is used to prevent the overload pressure of the atmosphere that exceeds the limit of the quartz tube and cracking the tube. An insulated electrode cover is also designed between the coil and the machine to ensure the safety of the operator.


  • Rapidly heat up and melt metal samples by using the principle of electromagnetic induction heating
  • High-speed heating, 50g of iron, can be melted in 2 minutes
  • Non-metallic inorganic materials can be heated indirectly by a graphite crucible
  • The main machine is separated from the receptor(crucible) without heater, which is stable with long life.
  • Touch screen for easier setup and operation
  • Atmosphere and vacuum conditions allows

Laboratory Applications

  • Metals melting: Melting (vacuum) of conductive metals such as gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum;
  • Heat Treatment: various metal treatments such as quenching, annealing, tempering, and heat transfer;
  • Thermoforming: hot, hot rolled, forged,
  • Welding: welding of the various metal parts, the same kind, dissimilar metal welding;
  • Other Applications: semiconductor single crystal growth, thermal bonding, bottle mouth heat sealing, powder coating test, metal implant plastic test.

Order Information

MINIMU Desktop Induction Heating Furnace

Optional Accessories

Vacuum pump, Cooling water circulator, Radiation thermometer, Vacuum gauge, Crucibles, Atmosphere pipeline, are optional, which can be purchased separately.

Power: 2800W
Frequency: 410KHz ±10KHz
Oscillating Electronic: LC circuit, MOSFET full-bridge inverter
Cooling Method: Both water cooling, air cooling
Cooling Water: inlet and outlet, 6mm outer diameter (machine end), connected to 15mm inner diameter water pipe (circulating water machine end)
Cooling Circulating: 0.2-0.4MPa, water temperature 20-25°C
Power Control: Manual knob (20%-100% power)
Heating space: 44mm quartz tube
Upper Tube Seal: aluminum flange, high temperature fluoro rubber Oring
Vacuum valve: intake and exhaust(SWG1⁄4)
Vacuum: less than 10Pa
Atmosphere: gas inlet for inert gas purged (SWG1⁄4)
Pressure gauge: Analog
Safety design: leakage circuit breaker, fuse, cooling water sensing, FET & SSR temperature sensor, emergency stop switch, overloading safety valve
Screen: Monochrome 3.7" touch screen
Size: 460W × 390D × 700H mm
Weight: 20kg
Power Supply: AC220@60Hz
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