ACTTR | Spectrometer

Spectroscopy is a scientific way to detect the radiant energy from the substance. According to the target, it can be divided into atomic spectroscopy and molecular spectroscopy.  Molecule is composed of two or more atoms, and it is the basic ‘component’ of all the organic & inorganic objects in the universe. The binding among the atoms is the gravity of the moving electrons. In addition, nuclei also have it own vibration force individually. And the gas molecules also rotate around its center of mass. Molecular spectroscopy is the method of changing the behavior of these three kinds of motion, electron, vibration, and rotation by an external force (an excitation light source). By observing of the difference of weak energy change, a spectrometer can define the molecule composition of the sample, and its characteristics. 

The spectrometers, by observing the movement of molecules, include IR Spectrometer, Raman Spectrometer, VIS Spectrophotometer, UV Spectrophotometer. They are all common instruments in the scientific instruments. ACTTR Technology provides all these common spectrometers for your selection.

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