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Single Beam, UV/VIS, Spectrum Scan

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Introduction to UV2900 Series Spectrophotometer

UV2900 series ultraviolet/visible light spectrophotometer, is a new generation, multifunctional measuring instrument. Compare to our previous generation, UV2900 has advanced design on both the optical mechanism, and user interface, which provides more convenience and reliability in operation to the users.

Stand-alone Operation, Color Display

This advanced spectrophotometer is equipped with a large 7-inch full-color LCD screen. And the membrane keys are improved to make the operation and sensory clearer and more comfortable with split water resistance capability.

The screen of UV2900 can display various scanning spectrums, paramaeters and charts, to which helps performing measurement functions, such as full-spectrum scanning, photometric measurement, quantitative measurement, kinetics, DNA and protein testing, and multi-wavelength testing.

USB Stick Data Export

The measured data can be exported to an USB stick  directly. It supports the data type of excel (*.csv), txt, and image format. In addition, the internal 1GB Flash can also store pretty much measurement results. 

PC Spectrum Workstation Software

For complex operations, you can use the spectrum workstation software to control the spectrophotometer through a PC, and record and analyze the measurement results. After installing the spectrum workstation software in the Windows system, you can control the instrument host through the USB cable. Let the instrument transform itself into an ultra-powerful spectrometer workstation analyzer that performs single-wavelength detection, multi-wavelength detection, full-wavelength scanning detection, quantitative analysis, dynamic analysis, and DNA/protein detection on the computer.

Originally on the instrument, you need to press multiple buttons and menus to complete the work. On the PC, you can easily complete the work with the mouse, and make the measurement results into a beautiful report, or transfer to the spreadsheet (Excel), mathematics Software, analysis software, perform spectral analysis.

Features of UV2900 Spectrophotometer

Large 7-inch full-color LCD screen, high-quality membrane keys

The screen display directly displays a clear spectrum graph, and all measurements can be completed without connecting to a computer

Using the most advanced ARM embedded processor, the instrument can store 2000 test data or 500 experimental curves.

The new suspension type optical system design can greatly eliminate vibration and reduce the influence of heat on the optical system

Independent system design completely isolates the optical system and circuit system, avoids mutual interference between light and electricity, and improves measurement resolution and stability

Support USB mobile disk storage, the measured data can be directly exported to the mobile disk, the data can support Excel (*csv), txt plain text format, BMP image format

Multiple data output interfaces: RS-232C (printing), USB Client (PC connection), USB host (connecting to a mobile disk), built-in 1GB Flash memory, which can store a large amount of data

Standard manual 4-slot sample slot. An 8-unit fully automatic sample tank is also optional, which can analyze more samples at one time

UV2900 spectrophotometer application

It can be widely used in organic chemistry, biochemistry, drug analysis, food inspection, medical and health, environmental inspection, life science, etc., as well as scientific research, factory production, and research and development in various fields. As well as the standard inspection methods of the government environmental inspection institute, food and drug related spectrophotometers, such as:

Determination of Phosphorus in Water-Spectrophotometer/Vitamin C Method (NIEA W427.53B)

Determination method of total residual oxidant concentration in seawater-spectrophotometer method/iodine photometric method (NIEA W453.20B)

Method for detecting ammonia in the air-indophenol/spectrophotometer method (NIEA A426.72B)

Detection method of hexavalent chromium in water-colorimetric method (NIEA W320.52A)

Coating Alkali Digestion Method-Non-metallic Samples (IEC62321-2008&EPA 3060A)

Determination method of total residual oxidant concentration in seawater-spectrophotometer method / iodine photometric method (NIEA W453.20B)

Cyanide detection method in water-spectrophotometer method (NIEA W410.53A)

Detection method of chlorophyll a in water-acetone extraction method/spectrophotometer analysis method (NIEA E507.04B)

Detection method of true color and chromaticity in water-spectrophotometer method (NIEA W223.52B)

Detection method of sulfide in water-methylene blue/spectrophotometer method (NIEA W433.51A)

Determination of Nitrite Nitrogen in Water-Spectrophotometer Method (NIEA W418.51C)

Nitrate Nitrogen & Nitrite Nitrogen-Spectrophotometer Method

Ordering Information

UV2900 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer, 2nm slit

UV2901 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer, 1nm slit

UV2901S UV/Visible Spectrophotometer, 0.5/1/2/4/5 nm switchable slit

[Wavelength]: 190~1100 nm
[Slit]: 2nm (UV2901 1nm; UV2901 2nm; UV2901S 0.5/1/2/4/5 nm Switchable
[Straylight]: <=0.03%T@220nm, 360nm
[Accuracy]: 0.3nm
[Repeatibility]: 0.1 nm
[Wavelength Setting]: Arbitrary
[Measurement Range]: 0~200%T, -0.3~3A
[Accuracy]: ±0.3%T
[Repeatibility]: 0.1%T(0~100%T)
[Stability]: ±0.0005 A/h @500 nm
[Measurement Mode]: Absorption, Transmission, Energy Concentration, Quantitative, Waveform Scan, Kinetic, Protein, DNA
[Display]: 7" Color LCD
[Data Export]: Printer, USB Stick
[Scan Speed]: Fast, Mid, Slow, three level
[Light Source]: Deuterium
[Detector]: Photodiode
[Power]: AC 110V/60Hz
[Keyboard]: Membrane keyboard
[Connection]: Support Spectrum Workstation Software (Windows10 / 8 / XP)
[Dimensions]: 590 x 470 x 250 mm
[Weight]: 20kg
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