ADP Series Temperature Gradient Stirrer

8 Step Temperature Gradient, Rotation Control

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ADP series of electromagnetic heating stirrer, with eight temperature gradient & rotation speed setting via microcomputer PID control. Precision control of heating time, speed offers great functions and provides safe operation, avoids overheating risk. ADP series has 3 different models, ADP1S is a single set heating stirrer, ADP2M with quadruple heating stirrer, and the largest ADP2L can stir & heat 6 sample simultaneously.

ADP series electromagnetic heating stirrer has controllable temperature up to 350 °C (and optional external temperature sensor can be purchased). The maximum rotation speed is 1500rpm. And the timer has maximum 99 hours 59 minutes time period settings. This product can meet most of the laboratory daily usage.

Specially designed machine-human interface brings the simplified setting for the powerful function of ADP series. On the front panel, it displays the time, temperature, rotation speed all together. Besides, the setting botton of temperature, speed, time are individually set up and the value is adjusted by a rotation wheel, for fast operation.

In the safety design, the power switch is also on the front panel. In the emergency situation, user can quickly cut off the power, stop the whole operation immediately. In addition, the machine also has over-current protection.


Speed, temperature and time settings can be set quickly through the shuttle wheel

Speed, temperature and time were all displayed on the front panel.

Accepts one external temperature sensor (optional) to measure the temperature of sample.

Timer function, up to 99 hours 59 minutes (in minutes)

Micro controller PID temperature control, high temperature accuracy can be implemented

Up to eight temperature gradients, speed control

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ADP2S Single Magnetic Stirrer Heating Plate

ADP2M 4-set Magnetic Stirrer Heating Plate

ADP2L 6-set Magnetic Stirrer Heating Plate

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