Each instrument is designed based on a certain physical and chemical principle. For example, a spectrometer is based on the principle of spectroscopy and absorption, and a thermal analyzer is based on temperature, energy...

Sample Measurement

After the instrument is tested on the sample, it can be determined whether the measurement range of the instrument meets the inspection requirements and whether the function meets the necessary items.

Measuring Range

Each instrument has its detection range. Based on the sensor's own limitations and calculation requirements, there will be a maximum and minimum range of measurement capabilities.


In the detection range, the instrument can reach a certain degree of precision under repeated testing, such as the consistency of repeated measurements, the number of integers and decimal places of the reading, and the degree of difference from the known target.


Limit describes the minimum and most precise degree that an instrument can detect


A reliable instrument that can meet the above conditions and make the measurement results trusted by the public

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