STEP High speed tissue grinder

STEP High speed grinder

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STEP series high-speed tissue grinder can be placed at one time by15mlx8 centrifuge tube or 50ml x4 centrifuge tube or 0.5 / 1.5ml eppendorf ,the maximum speed up to 2100 stocks/min, and the amplitude up to 3.2 cm , 


  • Variety of sample tube adapter can be selected (15ml centrifuge tube, 50ml centrifuge tube, 0.5 / 1.5ml eppendorf tube or customized. 
  • The maximum speed up to 2100 stocks/minute 
  • Amplitude up to 3.2 cm 
  • The adapter has a pre-cooling function that can extract RNA, or protein at low temperatures (eg liquid nitrogen) 
  • Touch screen for setting, such as grinding time, program cycle, grinding frequency, etc. 
  • The noise is less than 55dB
[Shock frequency]: 30 ~ 2100 stocks/min adjustable
[Shock mode]: three-dimensional shocks mode
[Amplitude]: 3.2 cm
[Screen]: Touch screen, can be set the grinding time, cycles, grinding frequency and other parameters
[Adapter]: 15ml centrifuge tube, 50ml centrifuge tube, 1.5 / 2ml eppendorf tube or customized
[Power]: AC110V or 220V; 50 / 60Hz
[Weight]: about 55Kg
[Size]: 45 * 50 * 58H cm
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