Mini Furnace

Mini Furnace

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Mini furnace is an electrical heating device, used for the synthesis and purification of organic compounds and inorganic compounds. The composition of a tube furance includes a cylindrical furnace with heating coil surrounding the furnace, and insulating substrate. Temperature can be controlled by the feedback of thermocouplers. ACTTR Technology's tube furnace having a plurality of heating zones, can provide constant heating capability. 


  • Integral furnace body and heating cord accelerates the speed of heating and cooling
  • Two-layer structure, with air cooking convection design 
  • External thermocoupler placement, ensure the full space tube usage, and protects the thermocoupler 
  • Vacuum system: Optional vacuum pump, various types of vacuum selection, according to the requirements, maximum  1 x 10-3 torr. And vacuum meter is available. 
  • Temperature control system: microprocessor control, built-in memory of four programmable control segment. Each segment has 10 steps of heating rate and heating time. Dust-proof film touch buttons and dual-screen display ensure the reliable and safe operation 
  • Flow meter: Optional proton meter or rota meter 
  • Various operating temperature selection, from 1000°C to 1700 °C


Advance material, chemistry, coal, coke, iron ore, energy, electronics, food, feedstuffs, precious metals, research, academia, high technical ceramics, aerospace.

Order Information

Tube furnace Body

HTF4-1000, maximum operating temperature 1000°C

HTF3-1200, maximum operating temperature 1200°C

HTF4-1400, maximum operating temperature 1400°C

HTF4-1500, maximum operating temperature 1550°C

HTF3-1600, maximum operating temperature 1600°C

HTF3-1700, maximum operating temperature 1700°C

Internal heating tube can be customized by different inner diameter, outer diameter, length and material, as well as various temperature isolation and and airtight isolation options. Heater has single zone and three-zone two types, each zone has an independent heater and thermocoupler sensor, which allows three different temperatures sense and control (temperature gradient function). More detailed specifications, please contact to us. 

Optional Accessories

  • Circulating water cooling kit with vacuum
    - Compressor Power: 0.5 HP
    - Temperature range: 0-50°C
    - Tank capacity: 20L
    - With the groove loop mixing pump and pressurized independent external circulation pump 
  • 2-4 inches of vacuum, ventilation kit, optional
  • Vacuum pump
    - Exhaust rate: 120 L/min
    - Vacuum pump capacity: 6.7 x 10-2 Pa
[Max Temperature]: 1000℃
[Internal Dimension]: 90×140×60H mm
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