Smelt Furnace

Smelt Furnace

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NHK high-temperature furnace is a electrical heating, smelting equipment with max 1300°C heating capability. The compact size is very suitable for chemical laboratories, quality assurance laboratories or personal work to perform sample sintering, ashing, and many other purposes.

For the synthesis and purification of organic or inorganic compounds in the laboratory, making glaze test pieces and pottery will be more useful than bulky large-scale equipment. In addition to saving energy, the temperature is also easier to evenly distribute than large furnaces.


  • The furnace body material is made of 100% high-purity alumina fiber (non-RCF material), with good temperature uniformity
  • The exterior of the whole machine is designed with high-quality stainless steel material
  • The highest temperature can reach 1300°C (1250°C long time operation)
  • Temperature setting adopts multi-group multi-segment PID program control

Order Information

NHK Smelt Furnace

[Furnace Dimensions]: 170×170×150H mm
[Machine Dimensions]: 340×310×405H mm
[Temperature Control]: 2 groups of 8 sections fully automatic programming
[Temperature]: 1300℃ max, 1250℃ operating
[Heating Component]: Iron-chrome heating element
[Furnace Material]: Using 100% high purity alumina fiber
[External Material]: Stainless Steel
[Weight]: 14 kg
[Power]: 110V 50/60Hz, 1300W
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