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Turbidity Meter, Chroma Meter, Colorimeter

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PT-4DG colorimeter (chroma meter) & turbidity meter is a simple, rugged instrument. Digital display LCD screen provid clear digits for reading. A single instrument can simultaneously measure the color, turbidity value of liquids (by botton switch). And then determine water quality, or transparency.

The instrument itself has semi-automatic calibration function, calibration of measuring zero (with pure water) and linear (with a 100-degree standard solution).

Battery-powered, by new batteries can be tested about 2000 times, and a 10-minute auto power off function.


  • Automatic shut-down 
    Battery powered, which has 10 minutes auto switch-off funciton, when there is no operation. The instrument can automatically shut down and save the power. 
  • Color, turbidity measurement 
  • Simultaneously measuring the turbidity (TUR) and chrominance (COL), the result can be the key to switch display 
  • Auto Memory 
  • When swith off the meter, or replacing the battery, the last measured value still in the instrument memory 
  • Residual power display 
  • Four segment battery power display 
  • Semi-automatic Calibration 
  • Provide zero calibration, span calibration, the two automatic calibration mode, in order to correct the measurement zero point and linearity. 
  • Zero calibration using pure water. 
  • Span correction using the 100-degree standard solution (0.1mg Pt / ml), or 100 degrees turbidity polystyrene standard (but poured standards, pay attention to precipitation problems). 
  • Please do not hold the instrument by hand while calibration. 


Measurement range: Chroma 0.0 - 20 degrees, turbidity 0.0 - 50 degrees

Measurement accuracy: Chromaticity Turbidity 0.1 degrees, 0.5 degrees

Measurement Method: Measurement of light transmission

Reproducibility: ± 0.1% F.S. (25 ° C)

Wavelength: color 870nm, 390nm turbidity

Battery life: about 2,000 times to measure new battery

Operational Ambient Temperature: -5°C - 30°C

Sample Liquid Temperature: + 5°C - + 30°C

Weight: 210g (including battery)

Dimension: W68mm x D145mm x H48mm

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PT-4DG color, turbidity meter

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