ViscoQC Rotary Viscometer

Complete Solutions for Viscosity Measurement!

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Product Introduction

ViscoQC rotational viscometers ensure the quality of your substance – from liquid to semi-solid. 

Eliminate the risk of measurement errors and free up your time and budget with the simplest spindle exchange mechanism, automatic spindle detection, automatic speed searching function for new formulations, and more.. Your existing SOPs can be easily converted if the same setup and settings are used.



Setup takes less than two minutes: ViscoQC comes preassembled and includes an SOP booklet with first steps and straightforward user training. Our rotational viscometers guide you from startup through the entire measurement process via an intuitive user interface. Continue to use the SOP methods of your existing rotational viscometer: ViscoQC uses the same instrument setup and measuring settings to deliver the same results. Spindles with magnetic coupling for easy, fast, and safe spindle exchange come as standard. 

Full Traceability for Reliable Viscosity Tests

Make your viscosity measurements error-proof and 100% traceable with our unique Toolmaster™ feature: spindles are automatically detected by the viscometer as soon as they’re attached. With ViscoQC 300, you can further restrict each method to a unique spindle identity. Furthermore, all connected accessories are detected and documented as well:

Built-in digital leveling automatically monitors and indicates the correct levelling status, which prevents faulty measurements and ensures remarkable, full-scale range accuracy of ± 1%. If you need to measure new formulations, ViscoQC automatically leads you to the right spindle/speed configuration using TruMode™.

Rich Accessories for Difference Applications

PTD 80 – For fast and accurate control of sample temperature (+15 °C to +80 °C)

PTD 175 – High performance temperature control, suitable for standards like ASTM D2983/D8210/D5133/7110 and DIN 51398

PTD 100 Cone-Plate – For small sample volumes (0.5 mL to 2 mL)

ETD 300 – For high-temperature measurements of bitumen and hot melts, and for standards like ASTM D4402 and AASHTO T316

Heli-Plus – For non-flowing substances like gels, pastes, and creams

You can add other software functionality to ViscoQC 300 with V-Curve, adding real-time graphs, analysis (e.g., yield point), programmability, and extended method functionality. 

Fully Compliant to International Regulation

ViscoQC is qualified and ready to use within a single day – compliant to 21 CFR Part 11, GMP, and GAMP 5. The V-Comply software for ViscoQC 300 delivers features like audit trail, electronic signature as well as the qualification documentation. The qualification is much more than a simple installation and basic IQ/OQ. An in-depth risk analysis, performance qualification, traceability matrix, and final qualification report enhance the value of the qualification package for the entire qualification process.

Generate and Export QC Data Without Troubles

Every ViscoQC includes the V-Collect PC data collection software. As ViscoQC 100 doesn’t store any data, results are directly exported or printed via the Brother QL-700 label printer after each test. ViscoQC 300 has memory space for up to 999 measurements with up to 10,000 sub-measurements on 150 MB. Additionally, it’s possible to print and export data as PDF, CSV, page printer (USB or network), or label printer. For automated data export, ViscoQC 300 can be integrated into your network via Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or FTP Server. Kickstart your paperless lab with AP Connect to connect your instruments, communicate measurement information, and ensure compliance.

Purchasing Information

ViscoQC 300 R Regular Viscometer (1.3 to 40 M mPa·s multi-point)

ViscoQC 300 L Lower Range Viscometer (0.1 to 6 M mPa·s, multi-point)

ViscoQC 300 H Higher Range Viscometer (10.6 to 320 M mPa·s, multi-point)

ViscoQC 100 R Regular Economic Viscometer (1.6 to 40 M mPa·s, single-point)

ViscoQC 100 L Lower Range Economic Viscometer (0.2 to 6 M mPa·s, single-point)

ViscoQC 100 H Higher Range Economic Viscometer (13.2 至 320 M mPa·s, single-point)

ViscoQC 300 觸控多功能黏度測試儀
[黏度測量方式]: 多點
[黏度範圍]: 常規版1.3 to 40M mPa·s;低黏度版 0.1 to 6 M;高黏度版 10.6 to 320 M
[轉速]: 0.01 至 250 rpm 無段變速
[最大彈簧扭矩(扭力值)]: 0.7187 mNm;低黏度版 0.0673 mPm;高黏度版 5.7496 mPm
[測量精度]: ±1.0% 全測量範圍
[再現性]: ±0.2%
[人機介面]: 7”觸控螢幕
[資料儲存]: 150MB, 記憶999次測量,10000筆測量結果數據
ViscoQC 100 基礎型黏度計
[黏度測量方式]: 單點
[黏度範圍]: 常規版1.6 to 40M mPa·s;低黏度版 0.2 to 6 M;高黏度版 13.2 to 320 M
[轉速]: 0.1 至 200 rpm,範圍內共740步階增量
[最大彈簧扭矩(扭力值)]: 0.7187 mNm;低黏度版 0.0673 mPm;高黏度版 5.7496 mPm
[測量精度]: ±1.0% 全測量範圍
[再現性]: ±0.2%
[人機介面]: 3.5” LCD螢幕,薄膜按鍵。
[資料儲存]: 無。資料可透過標籤機印出,或匯出至PC。
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