APEX 400 High Throughput Hydraulic Press

High Speed Making XRF Samples

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The APEX 400 hydraulic press is dedicated to the production of pressed pellets for XRF laboratories and other elemental analyses. It is a benchtop press designed for repeated use in high-throughput analytical testing environments, producing sample pellets in steel rings, aluminium cups, or as unsupported pellets.


  • Fully automatic press cycle for both free-pressed pellets and for ring-supported pellets.
  • One-touch operation from user defined programs.
  • User serviceable parts and diagnostic guidance.
  • Samples loaded via pull-out drawer.
  • Sample diameters 32 mm and 40 mm (free pressing) and 32 mm and 35 mm (ring-supported).
  • 400kN (40t) maximum load
  • Compact desk-mounted design
  • Large touch screen interface for easy setup
  • Programmable pressing sequences/recipes Load, time, release rate etc.
  • Recipes storage, labelled and password protected
  • Rapid <60 second sample preparation for rings

Purchase Information

GS25200 APEX 400 press machine

GS25220 32 mm pellet die

GS25221 40 mm pellet die

GS25222 40x32 mm ring die

GS25223 40x35 mm ring die

GS25224 51.5x35 mm ring die

[Rated load range]: 10 - 400 kN (1.0-40 t)
[Load resolution]: 10 kN (0.1 t)
[Units of display]: kN, tonnes, US tons
[Final pellet thickness]: 0-14 mm (0-0.55 in)
[Dimensions]: W 462 x D 346 x H 573 mm (W 18.2 x D 13.6 x H 22.5 in)
[Weight]: 120 kg (265 lbs)
[Power supply]: Single phase, Universal
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