Setline Thermogravimetry analyzer TGA

Setline Thermogravimetry analyzer TGA

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Setaram has inspired material scientists for over 60 years with a range of high quality material characterisation instruments for even the most challenging experimental conditions.

Now Setline brings Setaram’s thermal analysis expertise to academia with a range of instruments designed to meet the most important educational needs and applications ranging from the acquisition of thermal analysis skills through to basic research.

Thermal analysis has applications in many academic  elds including but not limited to Material Science, Metallurgy, 

Polymer and Physical Chemistry, Chemical Energy, Engineering, Geoscience, Pharmacy and Food Science. This diversity highlights the variety of institutes and students who use thermal analysis instruments and often on a continual basis.

The early popularity of Setline DSC / DSC+ systems sees the range now extend into STA / STA+ systems. STA, or Simultaneous

Thermal Analysis enables the coupling of Thermo Gravimetric Analysis (TGA) and Di erential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) for simultaneous measurement of mass variations and heat.

With educational needs in mind, Setline® thermal analysis instruments are designed for simplicity and power.



– Setline® is easy to use across diverse academic and QC fields

– Its scale uses a suitable design, robust, for a stable signal and a reliable and accurate measurement.

– DSC sensor technology ensures quality, consistent and reliable datas.

– Setline’s® compact design is robust and space efficient.

– Options focussed around core needs ensures ease of use and quicker mastery.

– Setline’s® robot (STA+) automates sample handling across multiple experiments.


– Setline® is built for durability in continual usage environments.

– Cost of ownership is lowered through simplified maintenance and a Replacement Parts Guarantee.

– Setline’s® Technical and Application support ensures fast, expert help on any question.

– Calisto 2.0 exclusive software ensures intuitive and easy handling.


Calisto software is designed to treat any Thermal Analysis data from any instrument or brand, works on any Setaram instrument and consists of two independent parts:

– CALISTO ACQUISITION is dedicated to the control and data acquisition of Setline® STA/STA+.

– CALISTO PROCESSING is dedicated for Setline® STA/STA+ data treatment.


With Setline® STA and STA+ the main available measurements include:

Thermal stability, ageing, and decomposition pathway of most materials:

– polymers

– elastomers

– pharmaceuticals

– biomaterials

– organic substances like coal, oils, lubricants

Study of thermal effects like:

– pyrolysis, combustion

– desorption

– dehydration, dehydroxylation

Compositional analysis:

-Ashes, carbon, fillers, additives’ contents

-Moisture, solvent contents

[Temperature range]: RT ~ 1100 °C
[Programmable heating rate]: 0.01 ~ 50°C/min
[Cooling time]: 45 min from 1100 °C to 70 °C (air)
[Atmosphere]: Inert (N2, Ar, He…) or oxidative (Air, O2…)
[Gas flow range]: 10~100ml/min
[Mass variation range]: +/- 1000 mg
[Mass variation resolution]: 0.2μg
[Maximum dimensions]: W500mmx D650mm xH600mm(closed) or 800mm(open)
[Power requirements]: AC 230V,50/60Hz
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