PowderPro A1 Automatic Powder Characteristics Analyzer

Smart Powder Characteristics Analyzer

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Integrated solution for powder characteristics tester

PowderPro A1 is a smart powder characteristics tester. It adopts image technology, automatic control technology (including touching screen control with a mobile app connectivity) to measure repose angle, collapse angle, and other powder characteristics. PowderPro A1 is an essential tool to understand and research of powder materials.

Measurement: Angle of Repose, Angle of Collapse, Difference Angle, Flat Plate Angle, Dispersity, Compressibility, Voidage, Bulk Density, Tap Density, Uniformity, Agglutination, Flowability Index, Floodability Index 


  • Automatic measurement: Images are captured with CCD and are processed to obtain the angle of response, collapse angle, flat plate angle and other results. 
  • Patented rotary vibration technology to ensure smooth surface of the powder and to improve measurement accuracy 
  • Multiple control units meet different needs: Users can control the instrument with a touch screen, computer or through the mobile phone application.

[ISO]: ISO3953
[ASTM]: ASTMD6393-08
[USP]: USP32-NF27<616>
[EP]: EP7.0 07/2010
[Repeatability]: <3%(GBRM D50)
[Drop height]: 3mm or 14mm
[Vibration frequency]: 5~300times per minute
[Control terminal]: Touch screen mobile and computer
[Dimension]: 600x350x730mm(LxWxH)
[Weight]: 42Kg
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