YH1200 Standard Clarity & Haze Meter

Standard Version for Haze & Transmittance

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YH1200 series standard haze meter, total light transmittance meter, based on international standard ASTM D1003/1044 non-compensation method, and ISO 13468 compensation method measurement, provides both transmittance and haze test. And it complies with other relevant international standards, such as, CIE 15.2, JIS K7105, JIS K7361, JIS K 7136, GB/T 2410, JJF 1303-2011.

YH1200 series has two models and two different mechanism designs. YH1200 is a vertical mechanism design, and the sample is placed horizontally; while YH1210 is a horizontal mechanism design, and the sample is placed vertically in measurement. User can choose a suitable model for samples.

If there was a special sample temporarily sometimes, it would have to be placed vertically or horizontally. Both models adopt an open space design, and one side of the machine is completely flat. Therefore, it is also possible to temporarily rotate the instrument, and the vertical model (YH1200) adopts a horizontal pendulum. Or turn the horizontal model (YH1210) into a vertical one.

This series of transmittance / haze meters use PD array detectors and full-spectrum combined LED light sources, which can meet the visual response requirements of CIE V(λ)2 degrees. The compensation method can achieve high precision and reproducibility Very good light transmittance, and haze data measurement.


Comply with ASTM and ISO European and American double standards, one machine meets all export quality control requirements

Can be connected to the computer system via USB for remote measurement and data processing


It is widely used in glass processing, plastic processing, film, display screen processing, packaging industry, liquid medicine analysis, etc.

Order Information

YH1200 Standard Vertical Haze Meter

YH1210 Standard Horizontal Haze Meter

[Illumination]: Transmission
[Standards]: ASTM D1003/1044, ISO 13468, ISO 14782, GB/T 2410, JJF 1303-2011, CIE 15.2, JIS K7105, JIS K7361, JIS K 7136
[Integrating Sphere]: Φ154mm
[Lighting Source]: 400~700nm Integrated LED
[Sensor]: PD array detector, meeting CIE V(λ) 2 degree visual response
[Transmittance]: 0~100%
[Aperture]: Φ20mm/Φ15mm/Φ8mm/Φ4mm (choose a single caliber)
[Sample]: Thickness less than 170mm
[Measurement items]: Haze (ASTM D1003/1044, ISO 13468), Transmittance T (ISO), light transmittance T (ASTM)
[Observer Angle]:
[Light Source]: D65, A, C
[QC Display]: Pass / Fail Indicator
[Measurement Time]: About 1.5s
[Haze Accuracy]: 0.01 unit
[Haze Reproducibility]: Φ20mm caliber, less than 0.05 (after the instrument is preheated and corrected, test the haze of about 30 at intervals of 5s [30 standard deviations of the standard haze sheet)
[Inter-stage Difference]: Φ20mm caliber, less than 0.4 (after the instrument is preheated and corrected, the standard deviation between the haze standard haze sheet and the reference value is tested at an interval of 5s)
[Size LxWxH]: 290x211x511mm
[Weight]: about 7.6kg
[Power Supply]: DC 24V, 3A, DC power supply
[Lamp Livecycle]: more than 3 million measurements in 5 years
[Display]: TFT true color 7inch, capacitive touch screen
[Interface]: USB, serial port
[Storage]: 1000 standard samples, 20000 samples
[Language]: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
[Operating Temperature]: 0~40°C (32~104°F)
[Storage Temperature]: -20~50°C (-4~122°F)
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