Bettersizer S2 Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer

Bettersizer S2 is a classic wet dispersion particle analyzer

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Bettersizer S2 is a classic wet dispersion particle analyzer with a high degree of intelligence, excellent stability, and compact design. Bettersizer S2 strikes a perfect balance of function and value.

● Measurement: Particle size

● Particle size range: 0.02μm to 2000μm

● Dispersion type: Wet

● Technology: Laser diffraction


  • Automatic alignment ensures optical path stability. 
  • High-performance fiber lasers with long lifespan. 
  • Forward and backward detectors improves the detections of diffraction signals. 
  • High-speed signal transmission system ensure stability and sensitivity of analysis. 
  • Circulation & dispersion system: automatic circulation, dispersion, mixing, inflow, rinsing, and cleaning. Water flow rate can be adjustable. A Selectable volume of circulating medium between 200-600ml. 
  • Equipped with dry run protection ultrasonic dispersing device. 
  • Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) offers smart testing experience. 
  • result changes with user-defined parameters

[Theory]: Mie
[Size Range]: 0.02~2000um
[Accuracy]: ≦0.5%(GBRM D50)
[Repeatability]: ≦0.5%(GBRM D50)
[Resolution ratio]: Single peak,double peak,multi-peak
[Red light source]: Max.3mW.Semiconfuctor optical fiber laser,635nm
[White light source]: Parallel homogenization light source, image light
[Effective focal length]: 223mm, image focel length 110mm
[Wet dispersion]: Standard configuration
[Water capacity]: 600ml
[Dimension]: 800x500x410mm(LxWxH)
[Weight]: 45Kg
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