Bettersizer 2600E Automatic Dry and Wet Particle Size Analyzer

Bettersizer 2600E Both Wet and Dry Dispersion in One Machine

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Bettersizer 2600E is a powerful laser particle size analyzer provides accurate particle size distributions with both wet and dry dispersion methods. Dry dispersing system adopts electromagnetic vibration feeder, Venturi airflow dispersion, air curtain shielding preventing the lens from sample contamination, and water filtration vacuum cleaner for samples recycling. Brittle dry powder and cohesive dry powder can be dispersed completely.

  • Measurement: Particle size
  • Particle size range: 0.1μm to 1500μm
  • Dispersion type: Wet, Dry
  • Technology: Laser diffraction


Sampling system: convenient to convert between external automatic dry sampling system and automatic circulation system in the wet method. 

SOP and automatic alignment deliver easy and convenient operation experience. Powerful software, data security assurance, custom format output reports, and luminous flux compensation.

[Theory]: Mie & Fraunhofer
[Size Range]: 0.1~1500um
[Accuracy]: ≦1%
[Repeatability]: ≦1%
[Resolution ratio]: Single peak,double peak,multi-peak
[Red light source]: Max.3mW.Semiconfuctor optical fiber laser,635nm
[White light source]: Parallel homogenization light source, image light
[Effective focal length]: 223mm
[Wet dispersion]: External standard configuration
[Dry dispersion]: External automatic dry configuration
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