BeDeisi T Pro Density Analyzer

Tap Density Analyzer

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Bulk Density is the ratio of weight to volume of powders. There are various standards which define the test methods of bulk density, for example, Metallic Powders Tap Density Standard ISO3953, DIN EN ISO 787-11, ASTM B527; USP <616> Methods 1 & Methods 2 and European Pharmacopoeia <2.9.34> defines the bulk density as specification of powder density; Formed Catalysts ASTM D4164, Fine Catalyst ASTM D4781; ISO 787-11 for pigment dyes, ISO 9161 for uranium oxide powder; ISO 8460 for instant coffee, ISO 8967 for dried milk powder

  • 3.0mm ±0.1mm stroke amplitude 
  • Stroke counter, up to 9999 times 
  • Three models, with either 1 or 2 or 3 cylinders. Users can choose a proper model accordingly. 


Metal powder, pharmaceutical industry (pharmaceutical powder), chemical catalyst, food (coffee powder, milk powder), pigment dye, abrasive powder

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BeDensi T1 Single Cylinder Bulk Density Analyzer

BeDensi T2 Double Cylinder Bulk Density Analyzer

BeDensi T3 Triple Cylinder Bulk Density Analyzer

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