Bettersizer 2600-WD Dry Wet Dual Mode Advanced Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Full Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer

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Bettersizer 2600-WD is smart particle size analyzer with reliable measurement performance from submicron to millimeter. Both wet and dry dispersion are provided by Bettersizer 2600-WD. Driven by Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), the instrument minimizes manual participation and makes particle size measurement fast and routine.


Excillent repeatability and reproducibility in both wet and dry particle analyzing mode

Great Resolution and Sensitivity

Easy Switching between Wet and Dry Mode

Automatic Circulation and Dispersion System

Three different Venturi dispersion mechanisms adapts to various samples

Automatic laser alignment scheme assures the longterm accuracy

Accuracy calibration remains accurate datum lifetime

21 CFR Part 11 Compliant


Abrasives, battery development, carbon nanotubes, cement, ceramics, CMP mud, colloids, cosmetics, fertilizers, seasonings and spices, food and beverages, fracturing sand (shale oil and gas), metal powder, milk aggregates, minerals, Nanoparticles, health products, pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical aerosols, long-acting sustained-release drugs, sprays, pigments and inks, polyelectrolytes, polymers and plastics, thermal power plant pollution, protein, protein aggregation, road coating materials, Ice and snow particle size, soil and sediment, sugar balls, wastewater treatment, coagulant.

Order Information

Bettersizer 2600-WD Dry Wet Dual Mode Advanced Laser Particle Analyzer

[Sample]: Wet suspension, emulsion, dry powder
[Analysis Theory]: Laser Diffraction, Mie & Fraunhofer
[Average Measurement Time]: <10sec
[Measurement Speed]: 3000 particles/sec
[Particle Size]: Wet 20nm-2600um, Dry 100nm-2600um
[Accuracy]: ≤0.5% (Wet) ; ≤1% (Dry) (GBRM D50)
[Repeatability]: ≤0.5% (Wet) ; ≤1% (Dry) (GBRM D50)
[Laser]: Semiconductor red laser, 635nm
[Laser Lens]: Dual F-Theta lenses
[Focal Length]: 223mm
[Detector]: 92 pcs log-spaced array sensor, with auto alignment
[Dispersion System]: Dry & Wet Dispersion
[Wet Dispersion]: 50W, 38KHz Ultrasound with empty liquid protection
[Wet Circulation]: Flow Rate 3000-8000mL/min with auto water intake and rinsing
[Air Dispersion]: 5bar max. air compressor with filter 3µm, 0.3µm, 0.01µm
[Air Flow]: 0-6000L/min
[Software]: Automatic measurement planning & control, with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
[PC Communication]: USB 2.0
[OS Support]: WIndows 10, 11
[PC Requirement]: Intel Core I5, 4GB RAM, 250GB HD or above
[Power]: AC 220V@60Hz
[Dimension LxWxH]: 705mm x 318mm x 295mm
[Weight]: 23kg
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