BetterPyc 380 Automatic gas pycnometer

BetterPyc 380 Automatic gas pycnometer

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The BetterPyc 380 is an automatic gas pycnometer that uses the gas displacement method to deliver highly accurate measurements with ease, offering precision at its best. With temperature control, pressure sensing, and intuitive software, it measures the volume, true density, solid content, and open cell content of your samples with up to 4-digit accuracy. Designed for research and production in a wide range of industries, the BetterPyc 380 will unlock the full potential of your products.


  • Features and Benefits
  • Multiple Functions: Volume, Density, Solid Content, Open Cell Content
  • High-Accuracy
  • Effortless Operation
  • Integrated Software Solution
  • Friendly Sample Requirement

[Measuring Principle]: Gas Displacement Method
[Measuring Parameters]: Volume, Density, Solid Content, Open Cell Content
[Cup Capacity]: 10 cm3, 35 cm3, 100 cm3 (nominal)
Measurement Performance
[Sample Volume]: 1 -100 cm3
[Temperature Range]: 15-55 ℃
[Temperature Stability]: 0.1 ℃
[Transducer Accuracy]: ? 0.1%
[Accuracy]: 0.03%
[Repeatability]: 0.01%
[Resolution]: 0.0001 g/cm3
Analysis Gas
[Pressure Range]: 0 - 22 psig (0 - 152 kPag)
[Gas Type]: Helium/Nitrogen (suggested)
[Dimension]: W345 mm × D297 mm × H221 mm
[Weight]: 10.6 kg
[Power]: 100/240 V, 50/60 Hz
[System]: Windows 7 or higher
[Connections]: USB ports
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