FDU-12 Freeze Dryer

Desktop Freeze Dryer

Stock Status: On The Way


  • Desk top type -45℃ freeze dryer.
  • Various manifolds and dry chambers are selectable.
  • Auto-mode starts vacuum pump operation after trap temperature is cooled.


  • Desk top type compact dryer for small samples at -45℃.
  • It is possible to build up optimum freeze drying system by desired combination of manifold, dry chamber and vacuum pump. 
  • During auto mode operation, trap cooling temperature and vacuum level are measured and indicates sample vessel mounting possibility.
  • Simple operation procedure requires only start, flask mounting and stop after drying finish.
  • Timer function is provided. Oil excahnge time can be confirmed by the display of integrated operation time of vacuum pump.
  • Vacuum pump will not restart automatically after power failure recovery.
  • It prevents melted sample to bump or dispersed.
  • 0.2㎛ filter is equipped at air inlet to prevent contamination by leak.
  • By using optional rid with nozzle, the unit can be used also as trap for centrifugal evaporator.
[Voltage]: 110V
[Trap cooling temp]: -45℃
[Dehumidification]: 1L/one batch
[Temp. setting & Display]: Sheet key input & Digital display
[Safety features]: Leak/overcurrent breaker,Refrigerator overload protection circuit, Trap temperature monitorng, Vacuum rate monitorng,
Vacuum pump automatic operation function.
[Vacuum leak]: Automatic Vacuum leak valve
[Trap deicing]: Deicing by hot gas
[Refrigerator]: Air-cooling 400W
[Cooling liquid]: R404A
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