GASEX FTIR Gas Analyzser

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GASEX is a powerful tandem of our vacuum tight “Rocket” FTIR core, seamlessly matched to gas cell providing a five meters long optical path in your gas sample. GASEX is a lightweight, rugged and compact System which makes it ideal for conception of new industrial - and field- analytical systems as well as for integration into the state of the art gas analyzers for a vast variety of analytical and long term observation applications.


  • High stability vacuum tight “Rocket” FTIR, seamlessly matched to a 5 meters gas cell, with rhodium coated chemically resistant optics.
  • Compact, rugged and high-performance FTIR module with 4TE-MCT detector;
  • Long path (5m), low volume (0.2L) heated gas cell seamlessly matched to the FTIR for high sensitivity and very short response time;
  • Rhodium coated chemically resistant optics;
  • Most compact FTIR Gas Analyzer Bench on the market, only 40cm x 19cm x 12cm and 3.8 kg weight.

Order Information

GASEX-OEM-ST-20 OEM FTIR gas spectrometer module with 2cm-1 resolution

GASEX-OEM-HD-05 OEM FTIR gas spectrometer module with 0.5cm-1 resolution

Resolution [ cm -1 ]: 4
Beamsplitter / window material: ZnSe
Spectral range [ cm -1 ]: 5000 - 830
Detector: MCT (4-TE cooled)
Detectivity D* [cm Hz 1/2 W -1 ]: > 2.5x10 9
Light source: Broadband SiC, 1550 K
Reference laser: Stabilized solid-state laser
Scan frequency [ s -1 ]: 1
Signal-to noise ratio: > 5000
Operation: Position independent
Absotrans (TM): Active suppression of H2O and CO2
Path length: 5m
Internal volume: 0.2L
Transmission: >50%
Temperature range [ o C ]: -20 to 200 (not condensing)
Construction: Aluminum with inert coating.
Mirrors parabolic,: Rhodium protected, gold coated aluminum
Windows: BBAR ZnSe
Gas connectors: For 6mm or 1⁄4’’ diameter tubing (customizable)
Communication: USB 2.0
Operating system: Windows XP/7/8/10
API: Windows DLL instrument control and data retrieval
Power consumption: FTIR only
Dimensions [mm]: 380 x 180 x 120
Weight: 3.8 kg
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