Quest ATR FTIR Attenuated Total Reflection Optics

FTIR Attenuated Total Reflection Optics

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The Quest ATR Accessory is a performance single-reflection ATR accessory from Specac designed for laboratory spectroscopic sample analysis in the mid- and far-infrared. With innovative optical design and durable monolithic diamond ATR crystal option, this sets the benchmark in performance and value for ATR spectroscopy.

The Quest's innovative optical design is based around all reflective gold-coated optics, and features Specac's Synopti-Focal Array technology with precision-moulded aspheric mirrors. These features allow for a high throughput accessory with an extended wavelength capability suitable for both mid and far-IR spectroscopy.

Four interchangeable ATR crystal pucks are available for the Quest:

  • High throughput diamond 
  • Extended wavelength diamond 
  • ZnSe 
  • Ge 

Each puck is made from hardened stainless steel and are held in place on the accessory magnetically making them easily interchangeable without requiring additional alignment.


Strong and durable monolithic diamond

Extended wavelength capability from 10,000 to 40 wavenumbers

High spectral quality and high throughput capability

Interchangeable Diamond, ZnSe and Ge ATR crystal puck options


pharmaceutical applications

polymer systems under high pressure

biological system research

Ordering Information

GS10800-X Quest ATR Diamond Accessory

GS10801-X Quest ATR Diamond Extended Range Accessory

GS10802-X Quest ATR ZnSe Accessory

GS10803-X Quest ATR Ge Accessory


Please specify spectrometer make and model when ordering X represents Top Plate colour, the colours available are:

B for Black O for Orange

R for Red G for Green

Y for Yellow A for Aqua

P for Purple

Spares and Accessories

GS10810 Quest ATR Diamond Puck

GS10811 Quest ATR Diamond Extended Range Puck

GS10812 Quest ATR ZnSe Puck

GS10813 Quest ATR Ge Puck

GS10820 Quest ATR Stainless Steel Flat Anvil

GS10821 Quest ATR Stainless Steel Pellet Anvil

GS10825 Quest ATR Volatiles Cover

GS10707 Purge Bellows (pair)

[Maximum Anvil Travel]: 1.8 cm
[Crystal Puck Options]: Diamond. Znse & Ge
[Puck Material]: Hardened Stainless Steel
[Active Area of Crystal]: 1.8 mm (Dlamond), 3.4 mm (ZnSe & Ge)
[Wavelength Range]: 7,800 - 400 cm-1 (Diamond) 10,000 - 40 cm-1 (Extended Range Diamond) 7.800 - 480 cm-1 (ZnSe) 5.550 - [450 cm-1 (Ge)
[Nominal Angle of Incidence]: 45°
[ATR Seal]: Metal Compression seal
[Optics]: Gold Coated, All Reflective
[Anvil Options]: Plane. Pellet and Volatiles Cover
[Sample Load]: 40 lbs (10,000 psi over diamond area)
[Purge Fitting]: 1/4"
[Weight]: 1.6 Kg
[Dimensions (W x D x H)]: 15 x 15 x18 cm (excluding purge bellows), 28 x 15 x 18 cm (including purge bellows)
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