ARCoptix Switzerland

Switzerland invests a lot of budget in science research, who is the highest one in the world. The companies in chemistry, pharmacy, electric technology, and machinery industries typically have their own science research departments. ARCoptix is one of the professional company among them, who dedicates in the “Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy” and owned its unique world-class advance technology.

ARCoptix established in Neuchatel, Switzerland, where is situated along the ARC of the Jura mountain in the heart of the watch valley. The area is a precision instrument manufacturing center of the world. ARCoptix owned the natural advantages of developing high quality, high precious instruments in the world.

ARCoptix has a strong partnership with The EPFL (Swiss school of technology), the engineering school of Biel and the local watch industry. Due to this reason, ARCoptix dispose of modern characterization and fabrication facilities as well as specialized expertise in the field of optics and microelectromechanical technology.

ACTTR Technology is proud to introduce a pure Swiss origin partner, ARCoptix, to Taiwan. ACTTR Technology brought their advanced FT-IR technology to the academic and industrial customers in Taiwan. In addition to the standard FT-IR/FT-NIR products, ARCoptix also provides specific designed OEM FT-IR spectroscopy module products, for customized optic system and applications. It helps users to quickly develop their own special experimental spectrum equipment. In addition, ARCoptix also has one product, which is designed especially for solar cell research. By using the synchronous flash control, user can get the characteristics of the solar cell plate within 1ms.

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