FT-NIR Rocket

Portable Fibered FTNIR Spectrometer

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If you are looking for high performance, compact and affordable NIR spectrometer, the ARCoptix FT-NIR Rocket is the instrument that you need. Thanks to its permanently aligned interferometer and solid-state reference laser, the FT-NIR Rocket offers excellent stability in both intensity and wavelength scales. The FT-NIR Rocket is compatible with light sources and sampling accessories typically used with array-detector based NIR spectrometers.

The FT-NIR Rocket is a high-performance system combining high resolution, broad wavelegnth range and excellent sensitivity. Its outstanding stability in both wavelength and intensity scales make it an ideal tool for highly reproducible chemometrics analysis. In comparison to array-photodiode NIR spectrometers, the single photodiode operation of the FT-NIR ensures no defect pixels, no gain variation among pixels and no dark-current drifts. Also, the device does not suffer from stray-ligtht as grating spectrometers. Finally, all these these advantages come at a very attractive pricing! Contact to ACTTR Technology right away!


  • Wide wavelength range 0.9-2.6μm
  • High resolution 8cm-1 (equivalent to <1nm@1um and <5nm@2.5um)
  • Excellent stability in intensity & wavelength scale stability (no dark current-induced drift, internal reference laser)
  • Very good sensitivity (very well adapted for diffuse reflectance)
  • Compact and rugger, easy-to-use fiber input system


  • Food, Beverage, Dairy
  • Pulsed Laser Measurement
  • Solar Cell Characterization
  • Agriculture
  • Gas Detection
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Security and Defense
  • Cosmetics
  • Textile
  • Plastics
  • Process Control
    - Solar Cells Characterization
    - Chemical Monitoring
    - Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Other Order Options

  • Temperature-stabilized laser upgrade
  • 1-TE cooled InGaAs upgrade
  • 2-TE cooled InGaAs upgrade
[Type of Interferometer]: Permanentely aligned, double retro-reflector design
[Spectral Range]: 11000 - 4000 cm-1
[Spectral Range]: 900 - 2500 nm
[Spectral Resolution (wavenumber)]: 2, 4, 8 cm-1 (user selectable)
[SNR]: >100,000
[Long term baseline Intensity stability]: < 2% (1100-2500nm) over 10 hours
[Wave-number repetability]: <1cm-1 @4000cm-1 (25± 5°C) or <0.05cm-1 @4000cm-1 with temperature stabilized laser
[Detector]: Extended type InGaAs PIN photodiode (other detector types available on demand)
[Optical Fiber Connector]: SMA905
[Optical Entrance]: SMA905 600um (fiber core diameter) NA=0.25
[Reference Laser]: Solid-state Laser 795nm (optional
[A/D Converter]: 24 bit
[Power Requirements]: 12V Power Adapter Included
[Operating temperature]: 5°C-40°C
[Communication Interface]: USB 2.0 (optionally Ethernet)
[Software Interface]: Windows 7/19/11 & API for controlling the instrument via our DLL
[Dimensions]: 180mm x 160mm x 80mm
[Weight]: 1700g
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