ArcSpectro VIS-NIR DR Spectrophotometer

ArcSpectro VIS-NIR DR Spectrophotometer

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The ARCSpectro VIS-NIR combines a standard multichannel grating spectromter that covers the visible spectral range (360nm-950nm) and a scanning Fourier Transform Spectrometer (FTIR-Rocket) with an extended InGaAS detector which is sensitive in the NIR range from 900 to 2600 nm. Both Spectrometers are connected to a 5 cm integration sphere. The sample is illuminated with perfectly diffuse light thanks to the integration sphere including a high power halogen lamp.

The ARCSpectro VIS-NIR permits to obtain total reflection specifications over the complete solar spectral range. Knowing that has half of the solar radiation energy is situated in the NIR range, it is important for many applications (paints, plastics and cosmetics) to cover the complete emission range of the Sun (on earth) from 360nm to 2500nm.

Most products on the market offer only reflectance characterization in the visible range from 360-800nm. Only products on the market that cover this spectral range (for diffuse reflectance) are expensive, slow and bulky monchromators.

The ARCSpectro VIS-NIR can also be built for transmission measurements on demand. We have also a fibered version of the VIS-NIR spectrophotometer.


  • Large wavelength range (360nm to 2600nm)
  • Fast measurements (about 5-10 seconds)
  • Small footprint
  • High resolution (5 nm)
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to use (no use parameters)
  • Good inter-instrument agreement
  • Customization of hardware and software on demand
  • Cost effective


This product is suitable for physics, chemistry, medicine, biology, pharmacology, geology, and other related applications and related industries, in the quality control processes. And it's very suitable in the application of chemical, pharmaceutical, biochemical, beauty, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, skin care products, food, beverages, alcohol (wine), light industry, building materials, environmental protection, etc., those fluid, liquid products, samples, in quality control, quality approval.

Especially for beauty, cosmetics, coating, painting, varnish materials, due to it's wide bandwidth coverage in the range of 360nm to 2500nm

There are two models in this product. 1. Integration Sphere Type VIS-NIR-DR 2. Fibered Type VIS-NIR-FIB
[Spectrometer type]: FT-NIR Rocket spectrometer & Grating spectrometer based on a reflection holographic blazed grating
[Spectral range]: 360nm-2500nm
[Illumination geometry]: Diffuse illumination and 8° viewing
[Sphere Diameter]: 5 cm
[Entrance port diameter]: 10 mm or 15 mm
[Reporting Interval]: 1 nm
[Measurement Time]: ~5s
[SNR]: >1000
[Inter-instrument Agreement]: ±1% at 50%R
[Read Repeatability]: Less than 0.2% variation at 50% R On White Reference.
[Inter-instrument Agreement for Reflectance(CIELAB)]: Better than 0.2
[Operating Temperature]: 15°C-30°C
[Operating Voltage]: 7.5V
[Communication Interface]: USB
[Software Interface]: Free PC measurment utility to save spectral results, colorimetric values and TSR value (Windows XP/Windows 7/windows 8)
[Product Dimensions]: 38cm x 25cm x 32cm
[Product Weight]: 8kg
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