HSH6D 6 Rows Magnetic Stirrer with Heating

HSH6D 6 Units Magnetic Stirrer with Heating

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HSH6D is a 6-unit magnetic stirrer with heater. Each unit can work individually and setup the target temperature and rotation speed.


This product is suitable for industry, agriculture, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, essential oils, research institutes, universities, for heating and stirring the liquid in the laboratory.


High quality cold rolled coil steel housing with coating, easy clean up.

Big heating area, fast heating up, even temperature separating. 

Magnetic stirring with step-less adjustment of speed.

Heating and stirring simultaneously.

[顯示]: 數位顯示
[溫度控制方式]: PID控制
[溫度設定範圍]: 50~250℃
[電熱功率]: 180W×6
[材質]: 加熱板/鋁(氟樹脂塗料),機身/不銹鋼(SUS304)·鋼板(SPCC)
[電源]: AC110V 50 / 60Hz
[加熱尺寸]: 140×140 mm
[機身尺寸]: 480×345×110mm
[重量]: 約10.5 Kg
[轉速]: 100~1500RPM
[攪拌容量]: 50~2000ml×6
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