WH220-R Infrared Hot Plate Stirrer (Round Top)

Infrared Hot Plate Stirrer (Round Top)

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  • Reliable performance
  • LCD display for convenient monitoring and setup
  • Digital setting of temperature, stirring speed, working time, and overheating protection
  • Round top plate for efficient heating of round bottom flasks
  • Liquid drainage above the control board to prevent liquids from accessing the system
  • Direct connection for a Pt100 temperature sensor
  • Memory function for stirring speed and temperature control
  • Heating capacity up to 500°C
  • Stirring speed ranges from 100 to 1200 rpm
  • Sealed outer shell for enhanced longevity
[Display Mode]: LCD display
[Maximum heating plate temperature]: 24 zone temperature control 400 ℃ overheat protection
[Temperature Range]: 40 ~ 300 ℃ (with PT100)
[Stirring speed]: 100 ~ 1200 rpm
[Heating power]: 600W
[Stirring volume]: 10L
[Heating coil size]: φ135 mm
[Dimension]: 225 x 215 x 115 mm
[Shell / disk material]: forming a die-cast aluminum, corrosion resistant coating layer / ceramic glass
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