WB2000 Series Overhead Stirrers

WB2000 Series Overhead Stirrers, A, M, D, C 4 models

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  • Brushless DC motor, which is very suitable for long-term experimental applications
  • Stable and accurate stirring process due to latest micro-processor technology
  • Totally enclosed and compact casing
  • Stable and quiet working process
  • Internal overload protection
  • Adjustable impeller shaft for different heights
  • Soft start at low speed guarantees a smooth and safe stirring process
  • Suitable for applications in various environments

Order Information

WB2000 series has 4 models, ACTTR Technology provide the two models, WB2000-M and WB2000-D

WB2000-M Advanced, LED Display, Knob Control
WB2000-D Digital, LED Display, Touch Control

Not Recommended:
WB2000-A Standard, Scale Display, Knob Control
WB2000-C Remote Control, Remote Controllable

[Speed Accuracy]: ±1 rpm
[Speed Range]: 40~2000 rpm
[Maximum Viscosity]: 20000 cps
[Maximum Torque]: 70 N-cm
[Maximum Capacity]: 20 L
[Maximum clamping stirrer diameter]: 10 mm
[Clockwise and Counter Clockwise Mixing]: No
[Input / Output Power]: 70 / 50 W
[Dimensions]: 105 x 160 x 185 mm(W x L x H)
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