UV1900 Double Beam Spectrophotometer with Spectrum Scanning

UV1900 Double Beam Spectrophotometer with Spectrum Scanning

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Subjects for physics, chemistry, medicine, biology, pharmacology, geology and other scientific research, is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, biological and chemical, metallurgy, light industry, materials, environmental protection, medicine and other industries and laboratory analysis of the industry's most one important quality control instruments, is essential for routine laboratory instruments.


  • 2nm spectral bandwidth
  • The new design of excellent optical system , high-performance 1200grs/mm holographic blazed grating, in order to ensure the instrument with low stray light.
  • Double beam metering system, with advanced high accuracy A/D conversation circuit. It guarantees the high stability and low noise quality.
  • Capacious open space light source chamber design, simplified the exchange process of light source.
  • Two light source can switch automatically and search the best switch bandwidth.
  • The 320x240 display can display the spectral graph can be displayed on the screen directly.
  • English and Chinese application software under Windows system,with many patent technology, in which provides powerful and abundant unique analysis capabilities.
  • High performance AMR processor with English/Chinese dual language operating system. High volume data capacity proved the enough data storage. Or users can transfer the data to external devices via USB port.
[Wavelength range]: 190 nm - 1100nm
[Spectral bandwidth]: 2 nm
[Light source]: Tungsten lamp and Deuterium Lamp
[Optical system]: Double beam 1200 grs/mm plane grating
[Wavelength accuracy]: ±0.1nm(656.1nm D2); ±0.3nm (full wavelength range)
[Wavelength repeatability]: <=0.1nm
[Wavelength resolution]: 0.2nm
[Stray light]: ≤ 0.02%T (220 nm, NaL ,340nm NaNO2)
[Photometric range]: -3A-3A
[Noise]: ≤ 0.0004 Abs/h
[Baseline straightness]: ≤ ±0.005A
[Drift]: ≤ ±0.0004 Abs/h
[Photometric accuracy]: ±0.3%T(0~100%T)
[Photometric repeatability]: 0.001Abs (0~0.5Abs)
[Measurement Mode]: transmittance, absorbency, energy, reflection
[Scanning speed]: Fast, Mid, Slow
[Wavelength and the setting mode]: Arbitrarily set
[Keyboard]: Membrane keypad
[Detector]: Silicon photovoltaic
[Data output]: Printer or USB export
[PC App Software]: Included (Support Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8)
[Power]: AC 220V/50Hz or AC 110V/60Hz
[Main engine Weight]: 28kg
[Instrument dimension]: 590 x 460 x 220mm
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