Advanced Liquid Transmission Cells

High temperature liquid nitrogen cell

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Specac Advanced Liquid Transmission Cells series, include sealed, demountable mechanism design with static, and flow sample insertion configurations. With the selection of various cell holders to allow liquid samples to be studied at high temperature or ultra low liquid nitrogen temperature, other than ambient.

A choice of window materials include NaCl, KBr, CaF2, BaF2, ZnSe, Spec B quartz allows for spectral analysis in the UV, Visible, NIR, and IR.

3 models of cells are available for your selection:

GS20500 sealed / GS20510 demountable: Static sample insertion. It can be fitted to all types of cell holder to be operated in different temperature ranges.

GS20560 sealed / GS20590 demountable: Flow cell, with liquid nitrogen cell holder to be operated in ultra low temperature. Or with the heating cell holder to be operated in maximum 250°C temperature above ambien temperature. Ambien cell holder and circulater 

GS20570 sealed / GS20580 demountable: Flow cell, can be mounted to heating cell holder and reaches to maximum 250°C temperature. 

Controlled temperature FTIR cells

These cells are intended for use with Specac’s transmission cell holders to achieve the required temperature conditions, namely:

Electrical Heating Jacket

Variable Temperature Cell Holder

Water Heating Jacket

Ambient Cell Holder

Rugged FTIR liquid cells

All Specac Advanced Liquid Transmission Cells are rugged stainless steel constructions for ongoing reliability, and include a thermocouple well for in-situ temperature monitoring.

Given the complex range of options available for this product, it is best to view the datasheet listed below in the Resources tab below for complete information.

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