Heatable Solids Cells

Solids Sample Cell for Transmission Spectroscopy

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Wide Temperater Range Acceptable

The Solids Cell Holders have been designed to allow for the study of solid samples at various temperatures, via transmission spectroscopy ranging from the Far UV through to the Far IR.

Two Types of Solid Cells:

Type A, with product number GS20600, has a relatively simple structure and is suitable for electric heating jacket cell holder (GS20730), which can control the temperature from normal temperature to 250°C. Provides a single aperture of 10mm diameter, which can place solid samples with a diameter of 10mm-28mm.

Electrical Controlled Cell Holder
Type A for Electrical Heating Jacket (GS20730)

Type B, with product number GS20610, provides three sizes of apertures, which can be replaced by yourself. They are 10mm, 15mm, and 20mm respectively.

Individual solid samples with diameters of 12mm-17mm, 17mm-22mm, and 22mm-30mm can be placed. Type B wide-temperature sample tank is mainly used with the VT Cell wide-temperature heating and freezing optical chamber. It can heat and control the sample tank to a maximum temperature of 250°C, or use liquid nitrogen to freeze the sample tank to a minimum temperature of -190°C. 

VT Cell Holder (Cryostat or Heat)
Type B for Variable Temperture Cell Holder as A Cryostat or Heater

With Water Bath or Ambient Temperature.

If you want to use it at ambient temperature or in situations where circulating water bath cell holder is used to keep the temperature constant, it can also be used with the other two optical chambers and installed on the optical path of the spectrometer.

Ambient Temperature Range Cell Holder
Work with Water Bath Circulator Holer or Ambient Cell Holder

Brass Body with Chrome Plating

The body of the this cell is made of brass, and the surface is chromium-plated. It can be used in high and low temperature environments, and improves the service life while reducing the surface oxidation rate.

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GS20600 Type A Solids Cell for Electrical Heating Jacket Cell Holder

GS20610 Type B Solid Cell for VT Cell Holder

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