BT-Online2 Online Particle Size Analyzer(Wet)

Online Particle Size Analyzer(Wet)

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The BT-Online2 applies patented Fourier and Inverse Fourier Optical System, providing reliable measurement results with the same accuracy level as that of the laboratory instrument. A total of 92 detectors are precisely arranged in the optical setup that is responsible for accurate particle size analysis ranging from 0.02 to 2000 μm.

The patented Fourier and Inverse Fourier Optical System provided by Bettersize Instruments contains forward, lateral, and backward detectors, realizing the detection of scattered light signals in a very wide angular range.


  • Patented optical setup promotes measurement accuracy
  • Reliable pneumatic sampling system
  • Achieving optimal obscuration through external dilution
  • Align with laboratory instrument
  • Monitoring of up to 4 process lines
  • Continous and accurate measurement in various industries

[Measurement range]: 0.02 - 2000 μm
[Measurement principle]: Mie scattering theory and Fraunhofer diffraction theory
[Accuracy]: ≤ 0.5% (D50 of certified reference material)
[Sampling method]: Peristaltic pump
[Measurement interval]: ≥ 1 s
[Laser power]: Fiber laser
[Number of detector]: 92
[Ultrasonication]: 50 W
[Communication protocol]: TCP, Modbus RTU, 4 - 20 mA
[Power]: AC220 V, 50 / 60 Hz, 200 W
[Dimension]: 782 (L) x 530 (W) x 1592 (H) mm
[Weight]: 85 kg
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