SPW Water Activity Analyzer

Portable Small Analyzer, One Button Analyzing

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Water activity (Unit: Aw) is the contains of free moisture in a closed container. In food manufacturing process or cooking process, water activity is most often defined as the partial vapor pressure of pure water at the same temperature. As temperature increases, aw typically increases, except in some products with crystalline salt or sugar.

"SPW Water Activity Analyzer" is a high precision ceremonial instruments. It is a permissible active water progressive quantification. Maximum 0.01 Aw resolution with 0.02 accuracy.


Adopted high precision electrodynamic active water detector

Measurement range 0 - 1.00 Aw

Accuracy: 0.02 Aw: Display Unit: 0.01 Aw

Easy, Simple, Portable

Small volume, in-build Li-Ion battery, long usage live.

The measurement is simple, can be done in one key press.

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SPW Water Activity Analyzer

Measurement Range: 0 - 1.00 Aw
Accuracy: 0.02Aw
Resolution: 0.01Aw
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