YS6000 Series Desktop Spectrophotometer

Grating Splitter for Plate Powder Liquid

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YS6000 series desktop color spectrophotometer is a full-featured color analyzer, that measures most types of samples, including flakes, powders, opaque liquids, and transparent liquids. YS6000 series has similar design as those high-end spectrometers, in which is designed with grating color light splitter that supports both reflection (D/8°, opaque samples) and transmission (D/0°, transparent samples) color measurement. One can obtain accurate color information via YS6000 colorimeters.

The instrument is equipped with a variety of different apertures, including Φ30mm / Φ25.4mm, Φ18mm / Φ15mm (YS6060, YS6080), Φ10mm / Φ8mm, Φ6mm / Φ4mm, can be automatically switched by the software, or manually selected by user. YS6000 can be applied to a wide range of different surfaces and different textures.

YS6000 series colorimeters are designed with a robust optical system, so that the instrument can be used with non-stereoscopic angles under special conditions of the samples. The light source combined full-spectrum LED source with the wavelength range from 360nm to 780nm. LED light source has longer life time and great stability. For the UV light source mode, YS6000 is designed with cutoff wavelength capability (400nm, 420nm cutoff), in order to improve the purity of the UV mode measurement.

The control interface of YS6000 series desktop color spectrophotometer adopts a 7-inch large touch screen, which is easy to operate with a simple user interface. All color measurement can be done under the control of automated software program, so, users do not need to spend too much time to study the operation. The design of YS6000 enables the color measurement of various samples or fluorescent samples. In addition, the instrument is equipped with a large storage memory allows a better management to your test results. Or you can also connect YS6000 to a computer via USB or Bluetooth(YS6060, YS6080), and more flexible treating the measured data.


  • The side of YS6000 has a easy-to-use reflective measuring window and a sample clamping holder 
  • The upper side has a sample cell for the cuvette to fill in transparent materials 
  • A variety of apertures are available, and the aperture can be arbitrarily switched according to the characteristics of the sample 
  • According to the choice of different apertures, the program can manually or automatically switch among the apertures 
  • Built-in camera is available for precise positioning of samples 
  • Many color spaces are supported: CIE Lab, XYZ, Yxy, LCh, LUV, Hunter Lab, sRGB, Munsell, βxy, DIN Lab99 
  • Can input the standard sample color values ​​by user 
  • In quality control mode, user can define the allowable error, and the measurement result will indicate pass and fail information 


Consumer electronics, paint and ink color matching, art, photography, advertising, textile and clothing printing, colorful plastic products, packaging, paper printing, automotive coating, medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food industry, electronics, chassis, glass petrochemical plastic and many others

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