Themys Duo (TAG) Thermogravimetry

Themys Duo (TAG) Thermogravimetry

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High Performance Symmetrical TGA System (ambient / 1750°C)

- Outstanding isothermal balance performance for long term corrosion/oxidation studies - No buoyancy effect with dual furnace design for high precision DTA/DSC - Unique sample geometry for near 100% surface area studies - Mass Spectrometry Coupling - Calisto software. The TAG system is the world's most precise isothermal TGA system. It features the same symmetrical balance beam and aggressive atmosphere control seen in the SETSYS system. In addition it incorporates a pair of matched furnaces which eliminates buoyancy effects and provide unparalleled performance. If you are studying long term corrosion and / or oxidation then nothing comes close to the TAG's performance.


With its wide temperature range (from ambient up to 1750°C) the TAG has a large range of applications, especially in the field of advanced materials (ceramics, metals, alloys, inorganic compounds, oxides, nanotubes) to investigate phase diagram, long term thermal stability, corrosion, oxidation/reduction,adsorption, etc., under dry, humid or corrosive atmospheres.


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Themys Duo (TAG) Thermogravimetry

[Temperature range]: RT~2000℃(RT~1600℃ optional)
[Programmable temperature scanning rate ]: 0.01~100K/min
[Maximum balance capacity]: 35g
[Crucibles]: From 55 to 1500 μl – Alumina, Tungsten, Graphite, Platinum, Quartz, Aluminium
[Gases]: 3 carrier gases (MFC from 4 to 200 ml/min) + 1 auxiliary or reactive gas (MFC from 0.3 to 16 ml/min)
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