RSD Rapid Screening Device DSC

6 simultaneous sample with large volume, for rapid safety screening of chemicals

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THT RSD? (Rapid Screening Device) low cost, versatile, and flexible, safety calorimeter for thermal and pressure hazard determination over a wide temperature range. The RSD has a thermally controlled robust calorimeter sample chamber. This will allow up to 6 samples with 6 thermocouples and 6 pressure transducers. Sample holders may be tube holders (mg), glass or metal ARC? bombs (1g-10g), or simply a larger vessel (10-100g).

Compared to DSC, the RSD takes much larger samples and pressure measurement is standard.

Compared to Dewar, oven and home built calorimeters, the RSD is quantitative, safe in use and industry recognised.

Compared to other screening safety calorimeters, the RSD takes up to 6 samples simultaneously, has design features to provide comparative and differential data of highest quality and uniquely incorporates multiple safety features.


  • Multiple samples (up to 6 simultaneously)
  • Pressure & temperature differential measurement (simultaneously)
  • 10mg to 100g sample
  • 30 minute test time
  • High sensitivity (detects 1% DTBP in toluene)
  • Thermo-kinetic quantitative data analysis
  • Glass, metal, reusable sample chambers

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RSD Rapid Screening Device

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Cryogenic operation to -100°C



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