ARC EV Battery Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

EV-ARC Battery accelerating rate calorimeter, battery runaway analysis

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The EV ARC calorimeter is necessary for larger batteries, modules and small packs, power tools, satellite, military and associated applications. The EV ARC calorimeter is used when variation of heat release over surface area (MultiPoint measurement) is to measured and associated thermal management applications. The EV AR calorimeter is rugged and is sited in a secure Containment Vessel.

Within the containment vessel the standard ARC calorimeter (as in ES-ARC) can be used and this is regularly supplied for "Double Systems". Such a system gives versatility capable of measuring:- small prismatic, coin cell, 18650 and other larger batteries used in power applications.

With the EV system all safety tests can be carried out as well as Battery Performance studies.

The BPC Battery Performance Calorimeter is an even larger calorimeter where thermal management is to be studied - it is not suitable for safety tests, but is used for multipoint and power discharge application and experimentation over environmental temperatures. It is restricted to 200°C.


  • Inherited the hardware & software functions of ES ARC 
  • Large volume, 25cm diameter, 50cm depth 
  • EV betteries and module testing 
  • Rich testing equipments & fixtures 
  • The other features, please refer to ES ARC product page 


Battery components testing and development of new battery chemistries

Battery and modules for safety studies

Battery heat output under normal conditions of use

Fast discharge, battery performance studies important for EV, HEV , PHEV , battery packs & modules

Battery heat output under abuse conditions

Stationary applications

Ordering Information

EV-ARC Battery Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

[Sub Ambient Operation]: -40 to 400°C with CSU option for minus degrees
[Temp Precision]: 0.01 °C
[Temp Accuracy]: 0.1 °C
[Pressure Range]: 0 - 200 bar
[Pressure precision]: 0.01 bar
[Pressure Accuracy]: ±0.05%
[Detection of Exotherm Sensivity]: 0.02°C/min
[Sample Cell Volume]: 25cm diameter 50cm depth
[Tracking Rate]: 20°C/min
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