ARC EV+ Professional Battery Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

EV+ ARC Professional Battery accelerating rate calorimeter, battery runaway analysis

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The EV+ ARC Accelerating Calorimeter has been designed for EV cells and small modules and to make the needs of testing necessary with EV batteries.

Many prescribed ‘standard’ tests call for Calorimetry and also call for use of abuse testing (eg SAND, SAE).

Tests call for video monitoring, gas detection/analysis, nail penetration and crush under controlled conditions.

The EV+ calorimeter from THT has been designed to accommodate many of these tests - and more whilst gaining quality information on heat release.

The EV+ ARC is an cylindrical calorimeter 40cm in diameter and 44cm depth. Unlike other THT adiabatic calorimeters the lid seals to the base unit. This seal is restricted to below 1 bar and is maintained by electromagnets. This allows for inertion of the environment and the ability to collect products of battery disintegration. A gas collection line (leading to gas collection bag) is standard.


  • Inherited the hardware & software functions of ES ARC 
  • Large volume, 40cm diameter, 44cm depth 
  • EV betteries and module testing 
  • Rich testing equipments & fixtures 
  • The other features, please refer to ES ARC product page 
  • Integrated cables for current & voltage measurement 
  • Video camera (with light) 
  • Ability for battery pressure and temperature measurement 
  • Ability for purging, evaluation, inerting 
  • Gas collection port 


  • Battery components testing and development of new battery chemistries 
  • Battery and modules for safety studies 
  • Battery heat output under normal conditions of use 
  • Fast discharge, battery performance studies important for EV, HEV , PHEV , battery packs & modules 
  • Battery heat output under abuse conditions 
  • Stationary applications 

Order Information

EV+ ARC Professional Battery Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

[Sub Ambient Operation]: -40 to 400°C with CSU option for minus degrees
[Temp Precision]: 0.01 °C
[Temp Accuracy]: 0.1 °C
[Pressure Range]: 0 - 200 bar
[Pressure precision]: 0.01 bar
[Pressure Accuracy]: ±0.05%
[Detection of Exotherm Sensivity]: 0.02°C/min
[Sample Cell Volume]: 25cm diameter 50cm depth
[Tracking Rate]: 20°C/min
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