ARC Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

ESARC accelerating rate calorimeter, runaway analysis, quality screening

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In the Chemical Industry, for all potential Runaway Reactions are always the most important thing in the security control, such as heat loss possibility, environmental conditions, and the scale of runaway situation - R&D, process development, manufacturing, transportation, storage. Typically, the runaway reaction in different quantity of reactive chemicals has different results, for example:
[Heat Loss] small vessel: more heat; large vessel: more adiabatic
[In The Same Temperature] small vessel: stable; large vessel: unstable
[Runaway Result] small vessel: burning; large vessel: exploring

THT's ARC acceleting was designed based on such kind of requests. ARC helps those researchers to define those runaway conditions and avoide accidents since the product development stage, for those reactive chemicals and battery products.

To simulate the real-life or large scale scenario, the sample under investigation must be in an environment without heat loss (or gain). The adiabatic environment best reproduced in the ARC. The process is so called heat-wait-seek.

The temperature where the heat production exceeds the heat loss is the Temperature of No Return (TNR).


  • Excellent Adiabatic Control, Zero Reflux 
  • Universal Sample Type 
  • Ultimate Sensitivity & Stability 
  • Wide Temperature Range 
  • Ease of Use & Simplified Data Analysis 
  • Endotherms/Exotherms 
  • Versatile Isothermal Modes 
  • Low Phi containers 
  • Widespread acceptance of ARC Data worldwide 
  • Testing with gase flow is possible 
  • Safe in Use 
  • Options for Battery Applications 


Reactive Chemicals (Organic Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals), Monomers, High Explosives (Propellants, Pyrotechnics), Epoxy Resins, Batteries

Ordering Information

ES-ARC Accelerating Rate Calorimeter

Accessories (Optional)

Low Phi and Fast Tracking Sample Holder (Bomb)

Cryogenic Operation

Gas Collection and Safe Gas Release


Stirring and Agitation

High Pressure Flow

Fume Extraction

Automated Lid Lifting

Battery Rapid Discharge

MultiPoint Thermocouples

[Temp Range]: Ambient to 600°C
[Sub Ambient Operation]: -40 to 400°C with CSU option
[Temp Precision]: 0.01 °C
[Temp Accuracy]: 0.1 °C
[Pressure Range]: 0 - 200 bar
[Pressure Range]: Adding alternative transducers 0- 700 bar
[Pressure precision]: 0.01 bar
[Pressure Accuracy]: ±0.05%
[Detection of Exotherm]: To 500°C 0.02°C/min, To 400°C 0.01 °C/min, To 300°C 0.005°C/min
[Phi Value]: From 1.2 with standard specification ‘bomb’, From 1.1 with low phi container
[Tracking Rate]: 20°C/min with standard calorimeter, 150°C/min with fast tracking calorimeter
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