BPC Battery Performance Calorimeter

BPC Battery Performance Calorimeter Quantify Heat Changes During Charge And Discharge

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The BPC is designed to quantify heat changes during charge and discharge – at conditions that simulate use of the battery.

The BPC is not appropriate for stability, safety and abuse studies where battery disintegration is possible. The BPC has an upper temperature limit of 200°C but operates down to -30°C. Cryogenic operation is possible by linking to a refrigerated circulating bath.

BPC has built in thermally guarded cycler connectors to minimise heat loss during cycling. The calorimeter has a depth of 50cm but its cross section is oval (50-65cm) maximising useful volume for large batteries.

With heat detection sensitivity at 0.005°C/min the BPC has stable specific detection for heat release. In conjunction with the THT surface area (multipoint) heat measurement option, the BPC at well below 1 w/g detection, is ideally suited for gaining information appropriate for Thermal Management.

The BPC used with THT ARC software and electronics can be used within the adiabatic isothermal or isoperibolic modes. The choice of mode relates to the studies undertaken.

Key options used with the BPC are the surface area (multipoint) option and the heat capacity option. The BPC complements the other calorimeters available from THT.


40x60 Elliptical x 40cm depth

Temperature range -30 -200°C (with refrigerated circulating bath)

Sensitivity 0.01°C/min

Integrated Battery Cables


Battery charge / discharge performance measurement

Detection for heat release

Ordering Information

BPC Battery Performance Calorimeter

[Sub Ambient Operation]: -30 to 200°C
[Temp Precision]: 0.01 °C
[Temp Accuracy]: 0.1 °C
[Temperature Sensitivity]: 0.005°C/min
[Sample Cell Volume]: 40x60 Elliptical x 40cm depth
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