uSight-2000 UV-VIS-NIR Microspectrometer

uSight-2000 Full Wavelength Range Microspectrometer Microspectrophotometer

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The uSight-2000 Microspectrophotometer (also called Microspectrometer) is the new basic set up for advanced research or testing. It offers the versatility and sensitivity with down to 1.0 um measurement spot for accurate transmission, reflectance, absorbance, fluorescence, photoluminescence spectral measurement, with optional mapping function.
In the transmission measurement, uSights-2000 accepts the wavelength between 200nm and 1100nm with spectral resolution of 1.5 nm (by 100x objective, it can reach 1.0nm. The spectral range s wider than the most of the microspectrometer in the world, and accepts a D2 light source or Xenon light source, which has the range of UV.
With the small spot size from the focused beam, uSight-2000 is designed with an optical aiming system, which allows you to aim the right target before the measurement.


  • Affordable and Compact 
  • Measurement Spot <1.0 um 
  • High measurement spot accuracy with patent pending technique
  • Compatible with existing Upright Microscope


  • SERS Research
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biomediccal
  • Agriculture
  • Semiconductor, Film
  • Gemology
  • Crime Scene
  • Textile, Fiber
  • Ink

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