uRaman-Ci Microscope Series

uRaman-Ci Raman Microscope Series

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uRaman-Ci Raman Microscope series, which is a multifunction, high-flexibility instrument, designed for laboratory and, researchers, for the daily various experimental operations. 

In addition to the common functions as general Raman microscopes, we can also stack two or three uRaman-M Raman spectrometer modules to proceed dual or triple wavelength measurement by different laser sources.

uRaman-Ci can also be equipped with other digital microscope imaging system, and operate in different photography modes, such as, reflected bright field, dark field, DIC (Differential Interference Contrast), Polarization, Fluorescence, etc.

We also offer full range of Nikon objective lens and accessories such as cuvette holder for measuring liquid samples, or XY motorized stage and uSoft Map software for Raman chemical mapping. Please call us for more details.

Differentiate from the other vendors, uRaman-Ci has small rugged mechanism, the spectrometer part, uRaman-M are perfectly matches to Nikon Ci-L microscope. That’s the reason of the confidence to offer a better warranty conditions than many other brands. 

Besides, due to the light & compact design, you can move this precise instrument to the field, where is closer to your research, and start the operation - even out of the laboratory! Because, even in those environments where have no electricity, it doesn't matter. As long as a most common 5V mobile power supply, you will be able to power on all the uRaman functions, and start your research works, and record the data onto your laptop PC!

uRaman-Ci Raman Microscope series, equipped with high sensitivity linear array detector, and there are two models for your selection, according to the opaque / transparent characteristics for the sample.

On uRaman-Ci, there is laser power attenuation, as well as the laser safety lock. You can adjust the intensity of laser beam or turn on/off the laser accordingly.


  • Compact, rugged, portable design.
  • High sensitivity linear array detector
  • Adjustable laser power
  • Optional Raman chemical mapping accessories and software
  • Optional TE cooled detector, some upgrading options will need it, please call for details.
  • Optional SERS accessories


  • SERS Research
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biomediccal
  • Agriculture
  • Semiconductor, Film
  • Gemology
  • Crime Scene
  • Textile, Fiber

Order Information


 - Transmitted Bright-field, for non-opaque samples only
 - Transmitted LED Illumination (optional 30W halogen, call for details)
 - Nikon CFI Plan Fluor 20x objective lens: N.A. 0.50; W.D. 2.1mm, Spring loaded
 - 3.2Mpixel CMOS USB camera (integrated with uSoft)


 - Transmitted + Reflected Bright-field
 - Transmitted LED Illumination (optional 30W halogen, call for details)
 - Reflected LED Illumination (optional 50W or 100W halogen, call for details)
 - Nikon CFI Plan Fluor 20x objective lens: N.A. 0.50; W.D. 2.1mm, Spring loaded
 - 3.2Mpixel CMOS USB camera (integrated with uSoft)

More microscopy upgrading and digital imaging options (Phase Contrast, Dark field, Polarizing, DIC, Dark field, Fluorescence), and more imaginations waiting for your feedbacks from your requirements! Please call us.

The above type Raman microscopes can combined with different types of uRaman-M Raman Spectrometers, please refer to the product page of uRaman-M.

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