uSight-X Raman Microscope Laser Optics System

uSight-X Raman Microscope Laser Optics Module / System

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In order to have better segmentation, for the very flexible uRaman-X series, now is officially renamed by uSight-X.
uSight-X Raman Microscope Laser Optics Module / System provides a flexible way to connect different external detector and spectrometer. Via the SMA fiber connector and BNC laser trigger signal connection on uSight-X, a highly customized Raman microscope appears! So easy and so flexible! Some specific researches, which are not able to be managed by those standard Raman spectrometers, can be implemented by uSight-X, and it’s so clean and simple!
In addition, you’re able to inherit the advantages of the digital microscope imaging system, and link those high-end detectors to different microscope photography method, such as , reflected bright field, dark field, DIC (Differential Interference Contrast), Polarization, Fluorescence, etc.


  • uSight-X excludes the detector (with Laser and optics), compatible to many other detectors or spectrometers.
  • We also provide various external miniature or hight throughput Raman spectrometer, please call for details.
  • Adjustable laser power, and <1um laser beam spot size (under 100x objective)
  • High quality longpass filter can remove the laser beam and remain the pure Raman shift signal.
  • Optional Nikon Ci-L upright microscope or your own existed microscope (Please call for details).


  • SERS Research
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biomediccal
  • Agriculture
  • Semiconductor, Film
  • Gemology
  • Crime Scene
  • Textile, Fiber

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