uRaman-i Integrated Raman Microscope System

Full Integrated with Inverted Microscope

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Continuing from the very popular uRaman spectroscopy module for upright microscopes, TechnoSpex is proud to introduce the uRaman™-i module for Inverted Microscopes, for Biological or Meteorological applications.

Label free imaging and accurate identification of biological samples at the micron level are gaining interest world-wide. With the non-destructive and no sample preparation feature of Raman spectroscopy, microRaman or Confocal Raman on biological samples has proven to be an attractive technique to further Life Science research.

uRaman-i Integrated Raman Microscope Drawing

Application spanning from identifying bacteria, fungus infection to cancer research on live cells has been reported in the recent years.

Coupled with our UPG-iMAP option which includes a motorized XY stage and our uSoftMap software suite, researchers will be able to perform Raman mapping and correlate the results with traditional techniques such as Fluorescence, DIC, Phase Contrast, etc imaging, to ID the samples down to *500nm resolution.

(*Measurement resolution is dependent on the Laser wavelength and objective lens used. 500nm using 532nm laser and 100x oil immersion lens can be easily achieved)


  • Mounts directly to the inverted microscope back-port. 
  • Deployment will requires an additional mirror reflector in the microscope epi-illumination filter turret. 
  • Unlike the uRaman™ module for upright microscope, the uRaman™-i module integrates a CMOS color camera inside the module for viewing the exact spot for Raman measurement. 
  • Each module is fully optimized for a specific excitation wavelength, and continue the highly robust design tradition for the uRaman™ series with virtually zero re-alignment after installation. 
  • Options for motorized Polarization Raman measurement is also available, with <0.5deg accuracy. 


SERS Research




Semiconductor, Film


Crime Scene

Textile, Fiber

Order Information

uRaman-i-532, 532nm 100mW Laser Source

uRaman-i-633, 633nm 70mW Laser Source

uRaman-i-785, 785nm 100mW Laser Source

Laser   532 nm   633 nm   785 nm 
Laser Type   Single Mode Frequency-Stabilized
Laser Power   100 mW   70 mW   100 mW 
Laser FWHM Bandwidth   <1 MHz   <150 MHz   <105 MHz 
Detector   Cooled or Non-Cooled 2048 pixel CCD array
Spectral Range / Resolution  95 or 200 – 5400 @ 10cm -1
95 or 200 – 3400 @ 7cm -1
95 or 200 – 1900 @ 5cm -1 
80 or 160 – 3800 @ 7cm -1
80 or 160 – 2400 @ 5cm -1 
80 or 150 – 3600 @ 8cm -1
80 or 150 – 2400 @ 4.5cm -1
80 or 150 – 2400 @ 9cm -1 
Integration Time   2 ms to 120 secs
Software   uSoft or uSoft-Map
Power Supply   12 Vdc   5 Vdc   5 Vdc 
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