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UDY Cyclone Mill

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UDY Cyclone Sample Mills use a patented (Patent No. 3,754,715) method of grinding. The grinding chamber is illustrated in Figure 2. High speed rotation of the impeller and air currents throw particles into, and rolls them around the grinding ring. Particles remain in the grinding chamber until impact-shattering and abrasion make them small enough to flow out the exit with the air current. The air flow removes essentially all material and makes clean out unnecessary. The air flow also minimizes heating and therefore eliminates thermal degradation.


For General Purpose Grinding When You Would not Need Maximum Particle Size Consistency

Popular Flow Through Design

Uses 120, 500 or 1000 ml UDY Collection Bottles

Belt Drive Train 12,600 RPM, 3/4 hp Motor

Capable For Products with Moisture Content >15% or Oil Content >20%, By UDY Retrofit Kit (PN 30-0598)

Uses other Standard UDY Belt Drive Supplies and Accessories (i.e. Vacuum, Sample Feed Controller, Screens, Grinding Ring, etc.)

NIR Sample Preparation (Belt Drive Model)

Ordering Information

Direct Drive Cyclone Sample Mills

Belt Drive Cyclone Sample Mills

[Initial Material Feed Size]: 5 mm
[Final Particle Size]: < 250 µm (adjustable by changing screen)
[Feed Capacity]: Standard 120 ml. (Optional 500ml, 1000ml)
[Speed]: 10,000 rpm full load (16,000 rpm no load)
[Dimension]: 26x26x47 cm
[Weight]: 13 kg
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